Frequently Asked Questions

A compilation of what you need to know


1What is Escrow?
In this case, our escrow refers to funds. Its an agreement between 2 parties (buyers and sellers) to place funds with a third party (VAHLID) in holding until a contractual agreement between the two parties (buyers and sellers) is complete and there’s authorization of release of the held funds to the relevant party.
2Why should I trust an escrow service for my transactions?
Our escrow service (Vahlid) provides the opportunity for any party to avoid the risk of losing their money or monies, provided the service they are willing to pay for does not meet the standards advertised by the seller. It also helps to protect the interest of any party by ensuring the buyer commits to the requested goods or service before disbursement.
3Who initiates a VAHLID escrow service?
Any party that wants to pay for goods and services can initiate the escrow on our platforms. The escrow also protects the interest of the seller.
4Who closes a VAHLID escrow service?
The escrow is closed at the instance of the parties upon dual validation of a complete and satisfactory service on our platforms.
5What happens to funds in a VAHLID escrow once the service is completed?
The funds are released to the seller upon dual validation by both parties. If there’s a dispute raised by the buyer, concerning inferior or below standard goods or service delivered, the fund is returned to the buyer. If the seller raises a valid dispute, the funds are frozen and flagged to the relevant authority for immediate resolution.
6What does VAHLID charge for the escrow service?
We have various charges per size of transaction. Our charges are minimal and very affordable. Please refer to our charge structure for further verification.
7Can i earn any sort of interest on my VAHLID transactions?
Yes, you earn convertible points per transaction, here is a breakdown of the points, #5000 - #29,999= 5points #30,000 - #99,999= 10points #100,000 - #499,999= 20points #500,000 - #1,999,999= 30points #2,000,000 and above= 50points
8What is the minimum transaction amount I can perform?
The minimum transaction amount is #500
9Why is my payment not going through?
Kindly reach out to us via
10How to sign up?
Sign up via this link or download the VAHLID App on Google Playstore
11What is a VAHLID ID?
They are a set of 8 unique numbers that identifies you as a registered user on the platform. E.g 68541233
12Where can I find my VAHLID ID?
Your VAHLID ID is located in your profile details.
13What are the benefits of having a VAHLID ID?
- It ensures a smooth transaction. - You will also have access to view your transactions and raise a dispute. - You will qualify for some of our constant incentives.


1What does VAHLID REFER and EARN mean?
Refer and Earn is an incentive opportunity to get cashback when at least 5 new VAHLID user completes his/her first transaction using your referral code.
2What are the steps for referral?
Kindly refer to this link for a detailed explanation
3Is my VAHLID ID the same as my referral code?
Your referral code contains your VAHLID ID. The only difference is that your referral code carries a set of letters at the beginning. E.g VAHL-68541233.
4How much is the cashback?
25 referral credits will reward you with a cashback of #2500
5How soon will I get the money after people use my code?
Once you hit 25 referral credits, click redeem on your dashboard and you get credited immediately
6Where do I find my referral code?
Your referral code is in your profile details.


1How does anonymous work?
Kindly refer to this link for a detailed explanation
2Is transacting using anonymous safe?
Yes, anonymous transactions are secured.
3Why is the other party not getting an email?
Confirm if the email address is correct, if error persist after confirmation kindly reach out to us on
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