Dispute Resolution

Ensuring an amicable solution is always reached.

Our approach to dispute resolution is friendly and inclusive. Versions of events by disputing parties are investigated and weighed against the recorded facts of the transaction in subject. This is done professionally by our Compliance Unit through a mediation style, in order to ensure an amicable solution is reached. The following terms are applicable to any initiated dispute:

1. Dispute on any transaction must be initiated while the transaction is still valid.

2. A seller can initiate a dispute when his/her money hasn’t been paid after goods and/or services has been inspected, certified, and received by buyer.

3. A Buyer’s obligation is to ensure goods and/or services meet his/her conditions before validating the transaction (funds released to Seller), however, a Buyer can initiate a dispute to ensure funds are returned to him/her, once the Seller doesn’t meet the agreed conditions for the goods and/or services.

4. Buyers and Sellers must participate in and respond to any raised dispute being resolved by our Compliance Unit.

5. All parties (especially Buyers) are advised to maintain financial and ethical responsibilities during transactions. Any flagged inappropriate behaviours will be recorded and reported to the relevant authorities for further actions.

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