How it works

Escrow made easy and ready to use

Transaction Created

Buyer or Seller initiates purchase. Buyer funds escrow account

Delivery Completed

Once buyer's payment is in escrow, seller delivers the goods or services to buyer.

Buyer Review

Buyer inspects deliverables and releases payment from escrow (or initiates a dispute).

Seller Payout

Vahlid releases funds to Seller's account.


Our core offers


We Protect Buyers and Sellers' Interest

Vahlid guarantees payment commitment from your customers and gives you 100% assurance that funds have been received, secured and waiting to be disbursed once your product or service delivery is successful.

Real Estate

Vahlid provides a safe and secure platform for you to make payments for your real estate deals.


Vahlid offers the opportunity to pay for goods and services in phases.


Buying or selling cars of any amount is made easy when you use Vahlid for your payments.


Service providers are often caught in the middle of bad situations when their benefactors refuse to pay the agreed cost, and this shortchanges their income stream.

Jewelry and Fashion

Use vahlid to buy or sell jewelry, fashion items and expensive gadgets thereby ensuring you don’t fall victim to fraudulent pieces or scam.

General Merchandise

Whether you are online shopping for or selling lovely shoes, phones, a car, a house, or closing a big money deal, Vahlid's escrow ensures your payment is safe and secured.

Ease of Use

VAHLID provides a seamless structure that’s user friendly and guarantees ease of use for buyers and sellers. Trading parties can navigate escrow tools and create new transactions effortlessly.

Unique Identity

A unique ID system is deployed on VAHLID. Users sign-up once to activate their VAHLID IDs that can be used to buy or sell, as an individual or a corporate entity.


You can now buy from or sell to people without asking them to sign up on VAHLID.
All you need is their active email address and you can create new transactions.


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